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ATP Certificate Renewal

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We will help with the extension of certification of insulated bodies and cisterns.

With the support of the THERMO KING Refrigeration Engineering Institute in Prague, Czech Republic, Thermo King Ukraine is renewing certification of isothermal bodies and cisterns (ATP). This testing is carried out in accordance with the “Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be used for such Carriage” (ATP) (compiled in Geneva on September 1, 1970), and entered into force on November 21, 1976.

In case of not following established standards, those responsible may be brought to justice by the competent national authorities in accordance with their domestic law. The ATP itself does not provide any sanctions.

For testing it is necessary that:

  • the driver has  any previously obtained ATP certificate of conformity, the data sheet of the semitrailer / cistern with him, or the certification plate with the data should be on the semitrailer / cistern
  • cargo compartment must be empty and clean
  • the door seal is not torn and swollen
  • all openings in the walls must be professionally sealed so that moisture does not penetrate the insulating material
  • cooling unit must operate and be after maintenance service (for the refrigerator vehicle).

Based on the test results under conditions of full correspondence to ATP norm figures the ATP certificate of the established form is issued.

The term for obtaining a certificate is 4-5 weeks after receiving payment for testing.

Repair and maintenance of the cooling unit can be done at our service station while testing is carried out to obtain an ATP certificate.

The ATP certificate is a pass for the refrigerator vehicle / cistern to Europe, to the countries of the former CIS, as well as to domestic lines, in case of failure to comply with established standards, those responsible can be brought to justice by the competent national authorities in accordance with their domestic law. The ATP itself does not provide for any sanctions.

For reference: for example, when selling a new semi-trailer, European manufacturers provide an ATP certificate of FRC class for a period of 6 years, subsequent renewal of the certificate is possible for a maximum of 3 years. Further extension is possible for 3 years and once for 2 years i.e. only 8 years, which is in general from the moment of purchasing a new semi-trailer: 6 + 8 = 14 years (up to 14 years). Further the semitrailer, after passing the tests, can be in operation with a certificate of FNA class.

Remember this when buying used equipment, especially if this equipment will travel outside of Ukraine.