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Scheduled maintenance

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To ensure that Thermo King units operate reliably and economically over their entire life cycle, and to avoid a reduced warranty period, appropriate routine maintenance schedules must be followed. The mistake is to consider that maintenance is limited to changing of the oil and filters. The technical maintenance is a set of technical operations regulated by the manufacturer to identify and further eliminate possible breakdowns.

Thermo King refrigerated trucks are used to transport goods around the world. Breakdown of individual components of the unit causes serious financial losses. To prevent such a situation, it is necessary to timely carry out maintenance of refrigeration units. Refrigeration maintenance allows you to identify serious breakdowns at an early stage. Certified technicians of the company detect any leaks, malfunctions of sensors and electrical wires after the first inspection.

Scheduled maintenance intervals are determined by the number of operating hours or the age of the units for truck and trailer units and the vehicle mileage for VP units with a car engine driven compressor.

Each performed inspection and scheduled maintenance must be recorded in the service book, which is given to the customer when purchasing a new unit.

Contact your local Thermo King Dealer to schedule a planned maintenance according to your specific application.